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'Follow the Sun'

08 февраля 2016

By Kendra Gleason, HRG Business Manager

Our client is an integrated oil company based in New York City. The company explores, produces, transports, and refines crude oil and natural gas. Vertically completing the logistical chain with about 1,360 branded filling stations marketing gasoline to consumers in 16 states along the East Coast of the United States.

With large operations in both the US and the UK, our client needed a personal service, regardless of where travel originated. With dedicated service teams in both the US and the UK, they are a global client with requirements for a strong, consistent approach and line of contact across all market territories and all travel requirements.

Utilising HRG’s strength of personal relations and account management, an uninterrupted transfer was set up across the US and UK working days. UK calls are transferred to the US at the end of the UK business day until 11pm GMT. The call transfer is seamless with the UK caller contact remaining the same number regardless of the time of day, using Nortel Telephone Management Software to manage call flow and performance between the centres with time of day call routing. The counsellors assist with new reservations, availability and itinerary planning requests and provide pricing information. If a US traveller is in the London office the dedicated onsite team is able to access their reservation and assist where needed. This system eliminated the need for a 24-hour contact service.

From a technical perspective we performed additional training for both their US and UK staff teams, to ensure they could access the traveller profile and reservation, check availability and price itineraries. Extra training was performed on popular destinations and local requirements to ensure a seamless caller experience.

Reservation changes are queued to the local office for next day ticketing. If same day ticketing is needed the US counsellor has direct access to an after-hours UK contact who can facilitate issuing the ticket.

Our client benefited from the cost of avoiding a 24-hour service charge which translated to a considerable saving. Having dedicated counsellors trained specifically in their policy and preferred suppliers with coverage for 15 of 24 hours – Monday to Friday, the call transfer and overflow management flows seamlessly. A customer specific business continuity plan ensures the routing of calls to the US if needed and a project plan with extensive training and testing ensured a smooth implementation of the solutions.

The client is extremely pleased that we have delivered a seamless service solution for their needs and are delighted to be working with HRG into the future.

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