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Global Pricing Desk

08 февраля 2016

By Tanya Pineo, HRG Business Manager

We have worked with this client since 2002. They are an agricultural products specialist has been growing in recent years and with that growth has come increased overseas travel. With the knowledge that they would continue to expand globally our client challenged us to decrease the average ticket price on international travel while increasing revenue to HRG.

Our strategy was to sign them up to HRG’s Global Pricing Desk, initially on a free one-month trial, to demonstrate the potential savings.

After three months of using GPD, the client reaped savings of $18,929 by accepting lower fares offered by the system. Even after HRG’s fee, the sum still represented a substantial saving to our client thereby delivering on the key objectives.

The project is a clear demonstration of how successful GPD is in a short space of time and how efficient our in-house developed tools are in creating savings for all parties. It also demonstrates the value HRG provides in terms of corporate travel management.

The client travel manager says: “The objective of the trial offer was to obtain best pricing for international flights, which was accomplished almost immediately. After the first three months of using GPD we realised a saving of $15,144. It’s a win-win situation and we will continue to take advantage of this great program.”

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