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Hotel Directory Compilation

08 февраля 2016

By Michelle Yang, HRG Business Manager

A global consumer goods specialist tasked HRG with compiling a hotels directory for the offices in Asia Pacific.

The client had received feedback from travellers that consultants were not familiar with the corporate hotels locations locally and could not suggest alternative hotels near to the offices if a corporate property was unavailable.

HRG responded by equipping consultants with the knowledge of hotels locations as well as travelling time from airports and from the client’s offices. We provided consultants with a list of non-preferred alternative options for them to refer to when corporate hotels were unavailable and provided travellers with information to help them choose the ideal hotel for their stay.

The information was provided in the form of a spreadsheet across 11 destinations including Australia, China, India, New Zealand, Thailand and Vietnam. The spreadsheet provided distance and travelling time from the airport to the local office, distance and travelling time from the airport to the preferred hotel and distance and travelling time from preferred hotels to local offices. Identical information was provided for a range of non-preferred hotels.

As a result consultants are more confident in advising travellers on hotel locations and this has increased customer service satisfaction. The non- preferred hotels list is also useful because it means consultants do not waste time conducting online searches for hotels.

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