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Increasing Efficiency

08 февраля 2016

By Sacha Constantin & Arati Phadnis, HRG Business Managers

Our client is a leader in the pharmaceutical sector, they wanted to see increased efficiency in the service HRG provides for it in more than 65 markets across the globe.

The client has strict security tracking requirements for both its own employees and any guest travellers. On a daily basis every PNR (passenger name record) including mandatory information has to be queued to the client’s iJET third party tracking tool.

The process was taking up a significant amount of time and resources for HRG, our client and iJET in terms of investigating and resolving any incomplete PNRs but, with little resulting effect.

The client recognised the need to look at the initial implementation of the tool and find ways to improve the process for all involved, reduce the number of PNRs rejected and improve the accuracy and value of the security tool.

In order to reduce the impact not only on the client/local teams and regional business management, it was decided to assign a specialist resource to the account with the correct operational knowledge and skill set to investigate, amend and improve the tool’s reporting globally.

The process included a number of actions including investigating all GDS types employed globally, highlighting high reject countries, reviewing and changing individual market PNR formats, re-educating all markets on bespoke requirements and ongoing communication and support.

As a result of the communication, training and process improvements rejects have been reduced and there are less incomplete PNRs.

The value of the project has been borne out recently with the unrest in the Middle East and disruption caused by the earthquake in Japan.

The client has now assigned responsibility to the global operations manager to manage and maintain the process which means local markets and iJet have an expert point of reference for issue resolution.

Expert operational knowledge and a problem solving mind set have been central to addressing and resolving these kinds of operational issues. Good communication skills have also been crucial to enable clear instruction to multiple markets and ability to coordinate all parties to a successful conclusion.

Although specific to a security tracking issue the resource and skills deployed lend themselves well to the operational best practice of a global/regional operations role able to coordinate and communicate different messages and requirements across different regions.

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