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Service Delivery and Configuration

08 февраля 2016

By Brenda Bolton, HRG Business Manager

A leading asset management company, with offices in major cities across the globe, had been working with HRG to consolidate its travel programme within each region based on several different service models.

However, it soon became clear that offices in Beijing, Mumbai and Hong Kong working on a shared-travel team basis would require a dedicated service model.

The client had a number of service level requirements including 90% of calls to be answered within 20 seconds, all voicemail to be answered within 30 minutes, email requests to be answered within two hours and after-hours calls to be answered within 60 seconds.

On the existing model the call to book ratio was as high as 13 calls for one transaction as well as high volumes of refunds, exchanges and voids.

HRG needed to find a better working partnership with consistent high quality service and easily accessible after-hours support from skilled consultants experienced with the client’s requirements.

HRG decided to propose two options to the client:

VIP Transaction Fee, higher transaction fee to be charged at the booking stage, and Cost Plus Model, which involved the client paying the agent’s salary and benefits plus a management fee.

The client accepted the Cost Plus Model, which also enables HRG to measure the productivity of the agent, and within 30 days of implementation all complaints stopped.

The process has had to be handled sensitively because the client wanted to ensure the continuation of a consolidated programme for data, policy compliance and security reasons, but also had to take into account the feelings of local support staff and travellers.

The process has provided invaluable experience in terms of the importance of flexibility in working models, reacting quickly and ensuring we have the right people in place. As more and more global corporations have additional headquarters in the Asia Pacific region, the concept of VIP service delivery to key executives must be addressed.

The client said: «We have seen a dramatic decrease in complaints overall from the Asia community. I would highly encourage more communication/transparency between HRG and client to ensure the best service delivery model is implemented to meet the client’s transition from a local travel management company to a global TMC.»

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