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Travel Policy Control and Compliance

08 февраля 2016

By Amy Seitel, HRG Business Manager

A financial client required tighter control of its travel policy, which requires employees travelling cross border, to obtain pre-trip approval via their internal system, Global Travel Management Tool (GTMT).

The client also requested monthly post-trip reporting to carry out a gap analysis by comparing HRG and GTMT reports, identify any exceptions and highlight these for investigation to cross border managers.

HRG took a number of steps including implementing a designated MIS reference field and new booking process in 32 markets worldwide so that our travel counsellors asked for and recorded the GTMT Request ID for applicable travel at the time of the initial booking in the designated MIS field. Counsellors were not to proceed with the booking without documenting the ID. In markets with online booking tools, development was completed to require travellers to enter the ID at the time of the initial online booking.

Global post-trip MIS reporting was implemented to include traveller level details and the GTMT ID, and was provided to the client on an ongoing monthly basis.

The HRG booking process has provided tighter control to the client, thus improving the overall compliance to the cross border pre-trip approval process. In addition, following the gap analysis process, the client is able to identify travellers who have reported a Request ID to HRG, but, may not have received subsequent approval prior to travelling.

Whilst our team experienced a little difficulty initially because some HRG locations did not feel comfortable refusing bookings when the Request ID was not provided, additional client communication helped stress the importance of the requirement to their travellers. The client also helped alleviate the situation by providing HRG with Help Desk contact details to handle queries from travellers who refused to provide an ID.

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