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Travel Savings

08 февраля 2016

By Louise Eames, HRG Business Manager

Our client is a major clothing retailer, they noticed increasing average air fares across a number of their key routes in 2009 and needed to try to manage the rising costs in line with budgets and without imposing a travel ban.

HRG proposed an initiative across the business to promote the use of indirect carriers so that lower fares could be secured through alternative viable options. The focus was to promote the Air France / KLM Corporate deal and speak to Emirates about further opportunities.

Additional action was taken including support from senior management, updating the travel approval form with various fare options and the introduction of a monthly travel document and pre-trip reporting.

We also helped tracking employees who were using an agent for domestic and simple international trips and provided additional training to them.

Results are visible with a huge change in behaviour in terms of travellers taking indirect options and booking further in advance so that more options are available. Already, year-to-date air sales have been reduced by 8% year-on-year although transactions are only down 2%. Spend on preferred airlines has also significantly increased.

HRG received positive feedback from the board for this project at an early stage which has helped ensure its success. Monthly reports continue to keep the process on track and travellers are aware of what information is being circulated.

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